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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Simple Sprouts

Yesterday's feast of corned beef & cabbage with potatoes, carrots and beer was simply amazing, and the dessert-style Irish Soda Bread was just divine. I have no regrets, but today we are right back on the diabetic menu, so here we go... Enjoy!

Need a quick lunch that's healthy? This is something that can be made fast at home as well as at work. At work you can easily opt for the microwave for prep, but if at all possible, try to stay away from that thing... period. Anyway... if you're not a fan of sprouts, feel free to switch up the vegetable, the nuts and even the grated cheese.... Come on... have some fun with simple! 


· 1 10oz pkg frozen brussel sprouts
· sliced almonds, plain or toasted
· 1 tbsp grated parmesan


Place almonds in dry skillet over medium heat. Toss until they start to brown. Continue tossing until you reach desired toast. Boil or steam the sprouts (or a vegetable of your choosing) until just tender. Drain and plate. Sprinkle on the nuts and top off with parmesan.

(Shown with un-toasted almonds)

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