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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Tools of the Trade - "The Rock" Frying Pans by Starfrit

January 28 update:
The two smaller pans arrived this week and have been tested. Seriously the best
fryers I've ever owned. I'm considering buying a second set to use up at Sylvan Run,
because I don't think I really want to use teflon any more :-)

Leftover veggies and half an onion fried up with a couple eggs using canola cooking spray.....  
JUST out of the pan... 
Any questions?

Just before last deer season I was in search of a pot that had a pour spout to use for filling our thermoses with boiling chicken broth without scalding my hand again. I found the perfect one at a Super Walmart and while in their pots and pans department I saw an intriguing finish on an 11" frying pan. Ever the one to drool over new kitchen toys, I took a closer look and found that this pan made claims that seemed too good to be true. As I whipped out my phone to check out the manufacturer's website my mind already had this very masculine fryer back home on my stove.... 
Here's what they claimed:

From Starfrit's Website:

Starfrit The Rock
  • Nothing sticks
  • Never warps
  • Lasts longer
Extra thick forged aluminum base
  • Optimal heat distribution and even cooking
  • Guaranteed never to warp
Rock.Tec surface enhancement

Our unique manufacturing process uses small metal pellet impact technology to modify the surface to form an ultra durable rock-like finish. The result is an outstanding release performance, 3 times better than traditional non-stick cookware.

  • 3 times more durable non-stick
  • Resists scratch and abrasion
  • 10 years unparalleled warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Compatible with gas, electric, ceramic and halogen stovetops

My Thoughts on The Rock:

I've used this pan extensively now for a variety of dishes and I can honestly say that this is the best frying pan I have ever owned. It heats very evenly and Starfrit's claims regarding non-stick is spot-on. Sunny side up eggs slide so easily you actually need to watch your wrist action so they don't go flying!

Just a light coating of cooking spray, oil or butter is all you need as Starfrit does insist that they pans are never heated empty. That's just common sense in my kitchen.

Cleaning..... This one is my favorite..... literally nothing sticks! A few times after making eggs and leaving the pan to cool I've come back later only to wonder if I had already cleaned it. Normal soap and water cleans them very easily, but a real bonus is that they're dishwasher safe. Gotta love that!

Ergonomics..... I really like the bakelite handle on these pans. The angle and curve are just right, and the thickness is good for a guy with large hands. Ever use a pot or pan with a skinny handle? Pain in the ass to use when the pot is heavy. The Rock is a pleasure in this area.

Pricing..... Not the cheapest of pans, but not crazy expensive either.
Amazon has all three sizes, 8", 9.5" and 11" priced from $22 -33 respectively.

Basically.... and I DO know how corny this sounds......


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