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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Does My "Diabetic" Food Actually Work?

In a nutshell... YES, IT DOES!
I am living proof that your diet is THE most important factor in the management and improvement of your health. Let me walk you through the last 8 months real quick... 
Here's a pic of me last September at the Renaissance Faire

238 pounds
Cardiac patient with three stents
Alcohol consumption moderate
Diet? What diet???
Liver levels above normal
Pre-diabetic blood glucose
Cholesterol levels "in check" by way of three meds

I was concerned about my liver functions, and considering my sister died of liver failure I decided to quit alcohol in October. Good move, but apparently not enough, because by January I was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. Glucose was through the roof, liver levels were double the max safe range and an ultrasound revealed a fatty liver. 
As much as I wanted to deny reality, I no longer could sweep this shit under the rug if I wanted to live. I already knew what was causing the high numbers and the foods that were compromising my health in general and my organs in particular, so the decision was really not that hard.

became my battle cry that still carries me to this day.

If you've looked through my recipes you already know what that means, but for you first-timers I will explain. You see, there are foods that our bodies are simply not designed to process properly. Those foods are anything and everything related to simple carbohydrates and processed sugars. If you look back to the time when humans came to be, you will see that most of what we consume these days was simply not around. The things that WERE around nourished the human just fine.


These were the things available as food sources on Earth, so even if you believe in creationism over evolution, the human organism was designed to be able to work with what was on hand. If your belief system revolves around evolution, then it just makes sense that we would evolve as systems that could survive and function with our environment's food sources.

Who knows, if our planet is still around in a couple million years, the human race may just evolve to handle simple carbs and sugars. For right now, though, you just need to look at the rate of obesity in our world to understand that these foods are what is killing us.

I've stuck to my self-imposed diabetic diet of zero simple carbs, zero processed sugars and zero alcohol for the last four months. When we discovered my fatty liver my doc also took me off of Tricor because my triglycerides were in check, and lowered my Crestor, a cholesterol med, by 75% to see if we could lessen the strain on my liver. You see, in addition to bad diet, statins (cholesterol meds) also have a negative effect on liver functions.

So here we are... four months after taking a stand to stop killing myself.
This pic was taken just before writing this post.

207 lbs
Blood Glucose normal
Liver levels normal
Cholesterol levels better than ever

I do not exercise. Ever. I am active all the time and put in 10 hour days working my land planting, clearing, brush hogging, harvesting firewood and building things.
So this success? It's all diet. 100%.

For those of you who know cholesterol numbers, you know that your HDL is a tough one to get above 40. "Exercise more", the cardiologist always said... Yeah, right. Mine always hung around 33-35. Last week? 47. My doc did a double-take LOL

Why am I sharing this oh-so-personal information, you might ask. Well.... because to me, this is truth. Truth never hurt anyone, unless you're in denial. We live in a society that thrives on denial, and it's time we as a People open our eyes to reality. It is your diet... and I don't mean some fad weight-loss diet... your every-day food intake is what will keep your system operating at optimal efficiency. More importantly, your diet... one that your body was designed for... will prevent you from killing yourself while making the processed food companies rich.

Yesterday I saw an ad for some diabetes med. It was something to alleviate the nerve pains associated with advanced diabetic system failures. What really pissed me off was the couple they were featuring as their spokespeople. Both the husband and wife were easily 275 - 300 lbs. What the ad was implying is that yes, we understand this side effect of your obesity and have a medicine that will "help" you. And oh, by the way... it's ok... have another bowl of pasta...... AAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH

Yes I know... I'm on a soap box.

But as my friend Sunny from Life in Rehab always says....

"It's not bragging if you can back it up!"

If you look at my most recent bloodwork and weight without knowing my history, you would say I am a perfectly healthy 56 year old man who might want to lose just a few pounds. I think that gives me bragging and soap box rights considering where my health was four months ago! LOL

Dump the Crap!
Eat what we're designed to process!

Your body will reward you - I promise :-)

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