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Monday, April 28, 2014

Lima Bean Gravy

Here's a neat little gravy that's been tested with both chicken and pork. You'll note the respective wines for each meat - foodie that you are, you know the wine makes the difference. 
Not the greatest picture, I'll admit, but if you've tried my stuff before,
you know my flavor levels are spot-on :-) ENJOY!


· 1 cup well cooked baby lima beans
· ½ cup caramelized onions
· ¾ cup chicken broth
· ¼ cup Riesling (for chicken)
· ¼ cup Marsala (for pork)
· Dash of salt
· Couple cranks of fresh ground pepper


Boil the lima beans until they are very soft. Put beans, onions, ¼ cup chicken broth and the wine in blender. Start at slow speed to blend. Add more broth ¼ cup or less at a time with your own judgment on creaminess factor, working up to a liquefy setting. Once pourable texture meets with your approval, do final seasoning with salt & pepper.

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