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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Round-Up: The Onion! ...and a Freebie Bonus!

The onion is a most amazing staple in our daily lives... Just think about how many of your dishes incorporate this very simple, yet intriguing vegetable. The three basic types of onions are:

The Yellow Onion

The Red Onion

The White Onion

As much as I love these guys in all their applications... raw, cooked, boiled, sauteed, deep fried, baked, chopped, sliced, minced, cut in slices, slivers or rings and a myriad of other ways to use this great vegetable.... I have to say that the following little beauties are my favorite....
Ladies and gentlemen..... I give you....
The Scallion
or simply the green onion as scallions are known in many circles. is Why is this one my favorite? Simple. It's the onion that is re-usable! 
"What the heck is he talking about... RE-USABLE?!?!?!?!?"
I asked the same thing my friend Sunny from Life in Rehab when she told me to stick the end of my store-bought scallions into some dirt instead of tossing them in the trash... 
Well... good, trusting friend that I am, I followed her advice on February 24... 11 days ago.

A little water... some sun in the living room window.... 
and 11 days later we have THIS!

You just HAVE to love Mother Nature! LOL Not bad for free, right? The best part is they will keep producing for months. If you have a regular garden or even a container garden, you can grow scallions pretty much year-round at minimal cost. 
Thanks again, Sunny!

Now, if y'all want to delve into the history and varied uses of the onion, I highly
recommend visiting The National Onion Association. They'll even
tell you what to do so you don't cry during prep... ;-)

Have a great week, everyone!

Blessed be,


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