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Monday, February 17, 2014

Creamy Colonial Crunch

Desserts... always a tough one in the realm of diabetes. The ingredients here have a relatively low GI, and by limiting the quantity to what a sensible dessert SHOULD be, you can indulge without freaking out . Yeah yeah, I know... yogurt and berries... what's the big deal, right? Well the big deal is that you're putting this together yourself. You can get creative with the fruit colors to represent different countries. :-) More importantly, you are TAKING CONTROL and making something delicious that won't wreak havoc with your numbers! :-) 


· 1/2 cup fat free PLAIN yogurt
· Some blueberries
· two strawberries
· some sunflower seeds


Put the yogurt in a very small bowl. The key here is.... dessert, not a whole meal. Cut up the strawberries into small pieces so it looks like more than just two and place them on top. Add the blueberries and sunflower seeds... Done!

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